G'day World!

G'day World!

My first post on Hashnode


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I can imagine how many developers here starting their first post with "hello world!" ;)

Hashnode looks pretty cool! I'll share my daily work here. Hopefully something I write could be fun, interesting, or even a bit helpful to you.

Probably you'll just only feel for me, like me, or even hate me. All is well.

About me

  • I hate my boss
  • English is my second language
  • I've been programming for many years
  • I started working on the software of DSP systems two years ago
  • I'm studying for a Master's degree of Telecommunication Engineering
  • I'm not a clever person, I'm very slow at learning new things, which is not very helpful for my career I'm afraid :(


I just set up Github backup but it failed. Trying to update the post to see.